C508T - карта Sumavision EMR

Карта 4-частотного модулятора DVB-T/H с несмежными частотами

Цена usd/руб.: 4038 / 292102

Платформы SumaVision EMR3.0, EMR4.0, SDM:
Консультация: МИХАИЛ, 8(800)700-7153, mmn@satpro.ru

DVB-T/H 4 channels modulating card, is the new generation signal modulation product from SUMAVISION with high integration technology, single card can realize 4 un-adjacent frequencies output, under hierarchical mode each frequency can output HP and LP TS at same time, with non-hierarchical mode the output only has HP TS. Support DVB-T/H standard output. Support Spectrum inversion and RF carrier output (for test). By combining with the most advanced signal source processing platform--EMR, it can provide the ideal solution of modulation for our customers.



  • C508T card with international MER index level and wide power output range 90dBuv~120dBuv
  • Support DVB-H time slot and MPE-FEC application.
  • High integration, single card support 4 frequencies DVB-T/H modulation outputs with one RF port.
  • Flexible applications, can work with other function cards based on EMR3.0.
  • One EMR can support 24 frequencies RF output.

Краткая спецификация

QAM Index
Modulation mode16QAM, 64QAM, QPSK
BandwidthSupport 5,6,7 or 8MHz bandwidth
Frequency range42 ~ 870 MHz (4-unadjacent-channel in one RF port)
Tuning Frequency Step1 KHz
Output Electric Level range90 ~ 120 dBuV
PCR Jitter≤100 ns
Phase Noise≤-85dB@1KHz, ≤-103dB@10KHz, ≤-115dB@100KHz
RF OutputF-type connector, 75Ω
Fixed PID MappingSupport
Maximum PID in each port256
Source of TS streamCapable of multiplex TS stream from any card of EMR
Main OutputOne RF Output (4-unadjacent-channel), F-type connector
Test OutputOne RF Test port (-20dB), SMA-type connector
Other Ports
One 10/100Base-T CA scrambling portcurrently not support, will release in the future
Output Bit rate
Hierarchical modeHP TS output support maximum system bitrates and valid bitrates is 11.45 Mbps; LP TS output support maximum system bitrates and valid bitrates is 22.9 Mbps
Non-hierarchical modeHP TS output support maximum system bitrates and valid bitrates is 34 Mbps
Front panel LCD with quick access keys+
Support WEB and SNMP net manager+
Support for external SNMP control+
Upgrade via Ethernet port+
Electrical Parameters
Power consumption≤15W
Environment Condition
Operation temperature5°~40°C
Storage temperature-10°~70°C
Maximum humidity80%
EMR supportEMR support 6 pieces of this card (1 card occupies 2 slots)


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