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карта ASI-интерфейсов EMR 4.0

Карта ASI-интерфейсов EMR 4.0, восемь ASI Input/Output реверсивных портов.

Платформы SumaVision EMR3.0, EMR4.0, SDM:
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Product Introduction

The E300 card, which is 8 ASI Input/Output card, is the new generation product of Sumavision with the broadcasting level, utilizing advanced algorithms to combine or divide the ASI signal through 8 ports. Together with the most advanced signal source processing platform-EMR 4.0, it can provide our customers with the solution of SD/HD/4K stream combining/dividing.



  1. Input Port
    • Support 8 ports in maximum, no need to restart EMR after setting as input port
    • Support PSI/SI Table & PID search
    • Support system bitrate & effective bitrate search
    • Support PID bitrate search within the specified range
    • Support multiplexing to other card as output
    • Support self-adaption of 188/204 packet
  2. Output Port
    • Support 8 ports in maximum, no need to restart EMR after setting as input port
    • Support 213Mbps bitrate in maximum in one port
    • Support PSI/SI Table modifying via B/S Web Management System
    • Support 188/204 packet as independent setting for each port
    • Support PCR regeneration by port level and 256 PID for both video and audio
    • Support mapping to specified PID
    • Support 1024 PID in maximum for each port
    • Support multiplexing from any card input
    • Support pass-through


  • Front panel LCD with quick access keys
  • Support for external SNMP control
  • Upgrade via Ethernet port


  • Maximum four 8-ASI Input/Output cards in one EMR 4.0



Power consumption≤ 20 W
Operation temperature5° ~ 40°C
Storage temperature-10° ~ 70°C
Maximum humidity80 %

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